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Hawkshead Relish is no stranger to preserving innovation & the launch of 2 sweet & 2 savoury preserves to the already acclaimed range is set to stake their credentials as being at the forefront of the speciality food sector.

Ripping Raspberry Curd, A vibrant curd with a wonderful lustre. Enjoy on scones and croissants or create the ultimate dessert, drizzled over whipped cream and crushed meringue.

Passion Fruit Curd, A beautifully subtle curd which can be enjoyed on freshly baked scones, crumpets as well as making a wonderful filling for cakes and tartlets

Hot Onion & Red Pepper Relish, A time honoured combination; fresh tomatoes & crisp white onions creating a vibrant relish. Wonderful with cold pies, burgers & sausages.

Lemon & Sweet Chilli Chutney, Tangy Lemon, fresh apricots & honey combined with an undercurrent of chilli & spices creating a fanfare of flavour. Delicious served with white fish & chicken.

Mark Whitehead, director and co-owner provides the inspiration behind the award winning Hawkshead Relish range, which has become renowned for innovative flavour combinations that enthuse the speciality food industry as well as being recognised by chefs and food critics.

These unique handmade preserves boast the finest locally sourced ingredients and created without any artificial colouring, flavouring or preservatives. All are gluten & nut free as well as suitable for vegetarians.

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Kate Nicholson Sales/Marketing Manager Hawkshead Relish office: 015394 36614

History and ethos of the business.

The Hawkshead Relish Company are a renowned artisan producer of award winning preserves ranging from jam to chutney, mustard to mayonnaise, sauces to savoury jellies.

Based in the heart of the English Lake District; the distinctive range boasts the finest locally sourced ingredients, handmade without any artificial colourings, flavourings or preservatives. All are free from Gluten and Nuts as well as suitable for vegetarians.

Small considered batches are cooked up in open pans by a dedicated and passionate team whose pursuit of excellence is testimony to these unique speciality preserves. 

Hawkshead Relish has become synonymous with the art of culinary excellence supplying retail, gift and food service. Holding over 50 ‘Great Taste’ Awards and ‘Speciality Producer’ from the Guild of Fine Food, the distinctive range has a discerning following from celebrity chefs to Royalty.

With over 100 innovative products the range promises to inspire culinary creativity and add regional originality to all global cuisine.